Art Advisory

Appraisal and valuation, Authencity and Restoration


Progressive Art Gallery presents a new, personalized service to help create and develop an art collection over time. With a dedicated team of art professionals and a personal relationship manager for each individual or institutional collector, we provide the most comprehensive set of options and information to guide decisions on widening and deepening a collection.


PAG Advisory Services include :

A dedicated team and a personal relationship manager who work with you to understand your unique aesthetic sensibility and locate the best fits for your growing collection

An established network of reputed buyers and sellers to draw upon

An extensive library, and an archive of information on artists, exhibitions, publications and art market trends, available for your reference needs

Advice on individual acquisitions and sales that will broaden your collection as your needs change, customized in accordance with your goals and budget

Appraisal and valuation services tailored to suit individual, corporate and institutional collections

A specialized art storage facility offering you a secure, controlled environment to house your collection, with a luxurious viewing room to display select pieces

Guidance on how best to care for, maintain and insure of your collection, supported by associations with art insurance providers and professional art conservators and restorers around the country and internationally

The highest respect for your privacy and the confidentiality of your collection



Are you interested in insuring, bequeathing or selling your works of art?
Or simply curious about their current value?

Let Progressive Art Gallery evaluates your artwork or art collection and assists you in determining its current market value. An appraisal from PAG will not only help you insure or donate your works, but will also simplify estate management and tax assessments, and assist you in getting a fair price in any sale you may consider.

PAG’s appraisals draw equally on an extensive database of Indian art market trends and prices in both the primary and secondary markets, and specific research by our team of art professionals on the condition and aesthetic and historic significance of each work under consideration.

Appraisals are available for single works as well as for individual or institutional collections.

In addition to full appraisals, PAG also offers valuations for individual works, in the event that all you are looking for is a quick, well-informed estimate of its current market value.



PAG provides an assurance that each piece of art, which we offer for sale, is a genuine work of the artist listed.

PAG guarantees the authenticity of the artwork for a period of one year. Authenticity in relation to artworks shall mean compliance of the artwork with the description provided on the web site, particularly with reference to the name of the artist, title (if any) of the artwork itself, date, the school of art (if mentioned), dimensions, medium etc.

In the unlikely event that within one year from the sale of the artwork, it is proved by the buyer to the reasonable satisfaction of PAG that the item was not authentic and if, in PAG's opinion, this would have significantly impacted the price a buyer would have been willing to pay for the item, PAG shall be entitled to rescind the sale.

All such claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and in the case of an authenticity claim in relation to artwork will require that examinable proof, which clearly demonstrates that the item is not authentic, is provided by an established and acknowledged authority. The decision of PAG in respect of such claims shall be final and binding.

This guarantee shall be subject to the following conditions :

1. The Property is returned in the same condition that it was in at the time of delivery of the item to the buyer.

2. The Property was indisputably purchased through PAG.